Sunday, January 13 of 2013

Daily messages

Children of My Sacred Heart.

Do not lose the strength of the inner heart for any reason.

You My partners, raise your voices towards the Highest because God will listen to your proclamation of love. In this way you will be spiritually rehabilitated by My Redeemer Love and your lives will become blessed and sacred before the Throne of God.

My Lord of the Universe asks Me to encourage, guide, welcome, love and sustain all of you inside My Sacred and Blessed Heart; but if you as souls open the door of your existence I, under the Power of the Father and the Holy Spirit, will be able to free you from any evil that may deceive and disturb you.

As the traps of the enemy become uncontrollable for the souls from Heaven comes the power of the ray of Mercy to rescue and support each heart that lives on Earth. To open the door of your inner temple means to untie the knots that control consciousnesses’ own life and that feed the slowness that prevents you of walking freely towards My Light.

I teach you to love above all things, to walk in spite of the great abysses that are at your side and I encourage you, above all to trust in the power of My Savior and Redeemer Love. For this My dears, do not fear anything; the Judgment is near, it will happen from Heavens towards the Earth and you must exercise the Compassionate Love that I have taught you.

Live my commandments expressed through the parables. Everything renews itself and now My new parable is the Grace of these messages that My Heart is giving to you and pouring as Light.

My dears, go forward! Even if you do not see Me, do not feel Me or do not hear Me, I Am at your side, walking silently and in vigil for the movements of your inner. Do not fear to be purified by My Fire nor to fear facing the truth of your lives. Know that I Am here, returning firstly in Spirit to help you before any situation and to extend My hand that will take you to the new paradise
Under the Grace of God be blessed from the heart.

Thank you for keeping My commandments in the heart!

Christ Jesus.