Hail Mary in different languages

"Take your rosary in hands and contemplate with Me the needs of the world. Take your heart to traverse this planet from north to south and east to west, so that you may feel in your little soul how the angels and the blessed ones from the Kingdom of the Heavens work." Virgin Mary

The act of praying the Hail Mary in the languages that represent each nation allows us to deepen our prayer and makes it possible for the Divine Mother to rescue souls all over the planet, carrying Her Redemption to each part of this world. It symbolizes the union between the peoples, as well as humanity, with God, as Our Lady announces through Her teachings.

"While you vigil in prayer and pronounce the prayers in different languages,
travel with Me throughout the world on this Boat of Salvation and, going nation by nation,
let us rescue souls and balance the doubts of the consciousness with God.

My dears, vigil in truth with Me and, praying for the nations,
unite in your inner the essence of each people, of each race, of each creed and religion.
Unite the consciousnesses of the nations so that from the spiritual Universe this union
may manifest itself on the Earth and may avoid conflicts and wars that are gestated in the entire world." 

Mary, Mother of the Most Holy Rosary of Peace, em October 23 of 2013

Below is a list of Ave Maria available in several languages. By clicking on one of the flags, you have access to the individual page of that language, where, in addition to the text, you can also find the audios in three different speeds to facilitate the learning and assimilation of the new language.

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