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For this new novena that will start next 14th of June, I would like you to dedicate each day of it to a certain group of souls, so that My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy may penetrate in the abysms of these consciousnesses and, thus, grant them the maximum Grace of expiation of their sins and those of the whole world, by means of the merits reached by the Precious Blood shed by the Lamb of God on the Cross.  

Thus on the first novena day you will submerge in the great Ocean of My Mercy the souls that live the mortal sin or the moral fault in their lives, so that the Source of My Mercy may relieve their spiritual and inner suffering.

On the second day, you will submerge in the Ocean of My Mercy the adulterous souls, especially all of those that take revenge and outrage My Heart with hate, lie and impunity. You will put all of them in the inner lakes of My Unfathomable Mercy so that they may be purified and repaired.

On the third day of the novena, you will submerge in the great Source of My Mercy all the lonely souls, especially the souls that are mistreated in the asylums, hospitals, orphanages and institutes for minors, so that the Grace of Divine Mercy may grant them peace and the hope of being loved. 

On the fourth day, you will submerge in the Universe of My Mercy all the oppressors, refugees and people who traffic in human beings in the whole world, so that the greater state of My Justice and My Mercy may be witnesses and supreme justification of their sins before the Celestial Father, for that souls, condemned to the fire of hell, may be rescued by the very powerful Love of My meek Heart.

On the fifth day, you will submerge in the Ocean of My Mercy all the mothers of the world, especially those mothers that suffer for their children’s death or imprisonment. You will make enter in My Infinite Piety and Mercy the mothers who are slaves of abortion and instruments of evil in the world to promote genetic insemination and perverted maternity projects. You will take all of them to My Mercy so that I can intercede and grant forgiveness.

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The Sacred Call

Singing with Christ Jesus


God is relieved and rejoices when He sees His children singing.
My Heart also glows with joy when this song is born of the heart, as well as from prayer.

Christ Jesus, 9th of August of 2013

Cantando con Cristo Jesús


The Master reveals that when we unite with Him through song, we allow His infinite Mercy to be radiated to our consciousnesses.

Therefore, let us sing with surrender so that the Redeeming Love of the Son of God can transform our lives.

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