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With joy I come to the world and specially to Poland, the beloved land of Saint John Paul II, to bless you and bring you to My Grace again, so that, by means of these meetings of peace, your Mother and Lady of Czestochowa can go on working and repairing the hearts that need the most.

With Maternal Love, I return to Poland to infuse even more the Mercy of My Son and to intercede by means of the Source of His Compassion.

The Mother of God comes to Poland to make the attributes of its culture and of its people revive, taking each one of these attributes to the sublimation of consciousness and, thus, recovering the values of faith and union with God. 

On this day especially, I descend to establish a little more of peace and forgiveness in the souls, souls that need to find again the path to the union with God, in order to be able to live the principles of His Grace and of His Mercy.

As Mother of all, I come to testimony that it is possible to advance and live with the hope of being able to find God again, from time to time, and to be in communion with Him. 

As Mother and Patroness of Poland, I come to pour on you the Wisdom of My Maternal Heart, a Gift that, by living in you, will allow to continue restoring and repairing all of the consciousness of its people.

The wisdom of the Virgin of Czestochowa will help you to carry forward the Plan of God for your Nation and your people, by means of the incalculable devotion of your hearts for Ours and also for the saints that the Father has sent to your motherland to help it, as were Saint Faustina and Saint John Paul II.

By means of the model of life of these saints, may many more vocations awaken in the bosom of the Church of Christ and for the faith of all children of Poland.

As Mother of all, I come to reestablish one of the principles of the Designs of God for your motherland, knowing that in this time it will be fundamental to be sustained with faith and the trust in God, so as to restore the Church and its believers.

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Extra apparition of the Virgin Mary

Singing with Mary

When your hearts light up through prayer and song, the Greater and Supreme Doors of Healing, of Mercy,
and of Redemption open naturally when the cries and supplications of simple souls are heard
Virgin Mary, 13th of September of 2014

Cantando con María
The Divine Mother announced that music, when executed as an expression of spirit, is a sacred instrument of love and of redemption. Singing with the Virgin Mary allows our souls to elevate to higher planes of Peace and of Light, from where we can contemplate the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Our Lady also revealed to us that when we sing with love for God, we help in the healing of the planet and make it possible for Her and Her Angels to rescue souls that are suffering.

Let us sing with Mary for Peace!


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