Friday, January 17 of 2014

Daily messages

That today may come to Me those who feel tired.

That today may come to Me those who feel overwhelmed.

That today may come to Me those who are without comfort.

That today may come to Me the simple of heart.

That today may lie down on My chest the face of those who have mistaken.

That today may those who have sinned feel the beating of My Heart.

That today may come towards Me all My beloved ones.  I Am that I Am, I come from the Great Am and from the Universal Am comes the Source of Life and of Reparation.

May your beings not worry, but may your hearts rejoice themselves because the King of Humility today has brought you very close to His poor throne of Light so that you may feel My Infinite and Perpetual Mercy.

Open the arms to receive My Comfort.  In a special way I have lovingly accompanied this group of souls as a Good Guardian of the hearts.

Dear servant of Mine, leave your disturbances in My Heart.  You know that I can do everything now and always, walk by My side, even if you have failed Me.  I come in this time to resuscitate the spirit of your heart and the favored union that you must have with Me.

In My simple Steps is found your path.  In My Walk is found your liberation.  In My Simple Gaze is found your union with God.  Do not ever fear to look Me in the eyes, I Am that I Am, I Am the One who comes from the Sacred Temple of the Creator, I Am the Guiding Star that descends from the greater universe to guide your steps.

I still wait for you to abandon yourself to My Heart.  I still wait to embrace your little soul and to carry you in spirit to the heart of My Kingdom.  I still wait that you to open to Me the doors of your heart so that I may enter.

In this week meditate about the time that you have been united to Me.  I want to be Life in your cells, I want to be the Fire of devotion for your heart.  Do not abandon Me, I Am all yours, remember it well.

I Am that I Am, I Am the Love of God manifested, I want to be in your path forever.

Do you accept Me as Your Master and King?  I wait for you in the Sacrarium so that we may talk.  I wait for you in the silence of the heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

I thank the souls that are present for having trusted My in my summons!

Who blesses you,

Christ Jesus of Mercy