United in prayer for our Argentine brothers and sister

“As never before, dear children, your Heavenly Mother yearns to return to Argentina, because the Southern Cone must be protected and supported for a much longer time through Our Sacred Hearts.” Virgin Mary, 11.25.2017

Due to the current situation that Argentina is going through, the Virgin Mary announced that the Divine Messengers need to return to the Nation in this month of December to help the souls most in need.

The Pilgrimage for Peace must reach the port cities of Mar del Plata – where the naval base is located of the submarine that, on the 15th of November, disappeared with 44 crew members –, and of Bahía Blanca, the headquarters of the largest base of the Argentine Navy.

In Her daily message of the 25th of November of 2017, Our Lady made one more special request: that Her children of Argentina should gather in the naval base of the city of Mar del Plata to pray the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary for the 44 Argentine brothers and sister.

She revealed the spiritual purpose of this event to us, which involves 14 countries in the search operation so far:

“The missing people offered themselves, in this life, for all of Argentina, so that this people, and consequently all the nations of the world that are now participating in the search operation, may learn that only God has the power, and that the time has now come to convert and to redeem themselves so that the Sacred Victory of Christ can be established.” Virgin Mary, 11.25.2017

Fulfilling the request of the Most Holy Virgin, the groups of prayer of the country are gathering together in prayer in the indicated place, where the submarine should have arrived. People from different cultures and religions are gathered together in faith and solidarity for a greater purpose.

Carmen Longarela, a member of the group of prayer of Mar del Plata, affirms: “On this Sunday, we met to pray the Holy Rosary and it was moving. A person drew near us, whom we did not know, and he asked to join us. When we finished, we learnt that he was the father of one of the missing young men”.

The Most Holy Mary also instructed all those who pray of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay to remain in prayer and vigil so that She could guide and support the souls of the missing.

The Divine Mother counts on our collaboration, both through prayers and through material support in order to materialize this sacred mission.

May we be able to lovingly prepare the path for the return of the Divine Messengers to the Argentine nation, conscious of the importance of this redeeming task.

Follow the schedule:

Date: 12th and 13th of December
Events: Vigil of Prayer and Apparition of the Virgin Mary
Place: Mar del Plata

Date: 16th of December
Event: The Sacred Call
Place: Bahía Blanca

Date: 19th of December
Event: Meeting with the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph
Place: Bahía Blanca

> Visit the page of each event to follow the publication of the places to be confirmed in the next days.