Universal Prayer of Faith for Planetary Purification

Universal Prayer of Faith for Planetary Purification


Universal Prayer of Faith for Planetary Purification
Prayer to be recited during the cycle of purification
and the Armageddon of humanity, at least once daily

I trust in the Almighty,
       because His Hands of Mercy extend towards me.

 I trust in the presence of the Powerful Son,
       because Jesus Christ, Our Lord, will redeem us.

 I trust in the authority of His Ministry.

I trust in the divine preaching of His holy Words
       and, above all, I trust in the omnipotence of His Christic Love.

I trust in the Omnipresence of the Holy Spirit,
       because Its seven Gifts can descend over the whole planet.

I trust in the power of Its Science,
       because it reveals to us the whole Universe.

 I trust in the existence of Divine Wisdom,
because day and night it guides the Hierarchies and creatures.

 I trust in the Fear of God,
because I know that the Father will never allow me to be separated from Him.

 I trust in the seven Gifts,
because they are the visible rays in the manifestation of the Work of God.

 I trust in the Sacred Feminine Source. 

I trust in the universal sovereignty of the Mother of the World.

 I trust in the conception and in the incarnation of the Son
that Mary, forever Virgin, gestated in Her most pure womb.

I trust in the Reign of Peace and in the living of all the miracles
that the Most Holy Mother has accomplished in me.

I trust in the truth of Her Words
and in the sublime manifestation of Her holy maternity.

I trust in Her Omniscience,
because She is the creator of all the works of light in the world.

I trust in the power of Her Infinite Love
and in the intercession of Her Consciousness for each one of us.

I trust in the charity of Her Guidance and in the humility of Her Works.

I trust in Her Celestial Authority,
because She converts hearts and saves lost souls.

I trust in the existence of all the Archangels,
because they serve Our Father God.

I trust in the Celestial Commands and in all the legions of light,
that carry out the project of the redemption of humanity.

I trust in the Archangel Michael,
because He is our protector during the battles.

I trust in the Archangel Gabriel,
because He is the Announcer of the Divine Word
and is the Judge of all the fallen angels.

I trust in the magnitude of the Archangel Metatron,
because His Divine Fire illuminates our spirits and guides our paths.

I trust in the divine science of the Archangel Raphael,
because He cures and heals all that is created.

 I trust in the power of the Archangel Uriel,
because He protects the inner worlds
and strengthens our essential union with the Creator.

I trust in the presence of the Guardian Angel,
because He obediently serves and protects each step that we take.

I trust in the continuous prayer that His divine voice pronounces.

I trust in the protection of His wings in face of the attacks of the enemy.

I trust in His holy patience, in His divine consolation
and in the sacred refuge that He has for us.

Yes, I trust that all of this exists and I will fear nothing,
because I am a child of God and I am part of His Sacred Creative Work.

May the Most High have pity on me when I do not respond to Him.

 May He give me the strength and courage to purify myself.

In the giving of self, in trust, and in surrender,
may I discover the true way out towards inner freedom.

May the Will of my Father be fulfilled in this sacred humanity.


See the original message: Saturday, February 20th of 2016

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