La Sacra Chiamata

Giovedì, 23 de Novembre de 2017
Bahía Blanca | Argentina

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An encounter with Christ Jesus 


Saturday, December 16*
Bahía Blanca, Argentina

(*) Exceptionally this month, the program "The Sacred Call" will take place on Saturday.

From this year on the Messages of Christ Jesus will be monthly.  They will be received on the third Friday of every month. In this way Our Savior and Redeemer will continue to accompany closely the walking of all of the souls for a third consecutive year. These transmissions began on the 5th of January of 2013 and during the first year the frequency was daily.


(Buenos Aires time)

7.30 p.m.   Arrival time
8.00 p.m.   Beginning of prayer


*Schedule subject to change


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Beginning: 8.00 p.m. (Buenos Aires time)


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Asociación Bernardino Rivadavia
Biblioteca Popular
Auditorio Luis C. Caronti.

Address: Av. Colón 31
(B8000FTA) Bahía Blanca





Bahía Blanca:

(+54) 9 291 429-3394


Argentina (general):

(+549) 1150 009027  |  (+549) 1160 021561


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Giovedì, 23 de Novembre de 2017

Live transmission via internet through:
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(Bahía Blanca | Argentina)
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