Veneration to the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph

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Veneration to the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph


The Veneration of the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary and of Saint Jospeh inside the golden six-pointed star is a spiritual exercise given as an important path of transformation  and union with the Divine Purpose.  Through it we place our consciousness before the Graces that each Divine Messenger brings to humanity, and in this way we receive the spiritual assistance needed  to convert ourselves in true instruments of God on Earth.

To accompany the veneration exercise, on February 28 of 2016, Our Lady transmitted the following prayer:




Beloved Father Saint Joseph,

accomplish through my soul Your prodigious Work;

manifest, through my hands ,Your Works of charity;

convert my heart into a flame of eternal service.

Beloved Mother Mary,

realize, through my spirit, Your Marian apostolate;

manifest, through my hands and my words, Your eternal channel of prayer;

convert my total being into a great soldier of peace.

Beloved Master Jesus,

perform, through my consciousness, Your Redemptive Work;

manifest, through my surrender, Your Work of Mercy;

convert all of my being into Your rays of Love and of Peace.

Through the veneration of the Most Sacred Hearts

may the whole world be consecrated

and the New Humanity emerge.


The Veneration of the Most Sacred Hearts was transmitted by the angels to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón in 2012, under the spiritual guidance of Father Pio. In 2016, it was renewed by the Virgin Mary in Her daily message of February 28. 

To learn its history and deepen this exercise, click here, click here.

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